President Trajkovska Milena

Vice President La Rocca Luca 

 Secretary Nabil Hassani

Our first editions as a publishing house, follow all the news:
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🟣 Mobile phone 0456 36 2281
✅ Whatsapp +39 371 335 2719
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Active members in Brussels 
  • Trajkovska Milena
  • Francesca Spinelli
  • Eugenie Fano
At Grassroots you can:
  • Propose book presentations, theatrical performances, acoustic concerts and exhibitions
  • Introduce us to your association
  • Offer courses for girls, children and adults
  • To propose courses, events, book presentations write to:
  • To propose projects and collaborations write to:
  • For Direct orderes and home deliveries whrite us an e-mail or contact us via whatsapp a +39 371 335 2719 
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